what documents do you need to submit with your application ?

  1. copy of all academic certificates. (some universities may ask for your originals to be sent by the issuing authority &  may also ask for translated and notarized copy)
  2. copy of mark sheets/transcripts. (may ask for the same mentioned above)
  3. copy of English Language Test Certificate (IELTS/TOFEL/PTE)
  4. copy of passport (old-1st 5 pages including renewed page/amendment, new-2 pages or may ask for all pages scanned copy)
  5. reference letter from last academic institute (may ask to send it directly to the university in a sealed envelop)
  6. registration copy/result for Diploma under UOL (if applicable)
  7. personal statement

how to write personal statement ?

(please take this as guideline only)

first, mention the main reason for choosing the award/course, about the country you choose, i.e why UK, USA, Canada.


write about the knowledge, skills and positions of responsibility you have obtained through your work and/or education (whether paid, voluntary or domestic) which might be relevant to the award/course, you can mention your academic achievement, can write about your family background in short.


the work experiences and/or personal developments which have been most important to you and the challenges facing you in your studies, work or personal career development, you can write about how this study/subject area will help you to develop your career.

last but not the least,

your future career plans.