UK admission

Applying To The UK

Applying To Universities In The UK

MIM Study Abroad will assist you through all stages of the application process and will also monitor your application for you until you secure a place at a UK university.

The application process is different for undergraduate and postgraduate studies.


Undergraduate Studies

Q. Is it mandatory to apply through UCAS?

A: NO, but some universities will only accept UCAS application.

Q. Will MIM help to apply through UCAS?

A: YES, all applications to UK universities through UCAS must be done electronically, via . This electronic application can be made at the MIM Study Abroad office, under the guidance of a consultant.

Q.When do I apply?

A: Generally, international applicants can apply through UCAS from September (preceding year of entry) until 30th June in the year of entry.

  • There are however some important exceptions to this date - see below.

Q. Are there exceptions to the above dates?

A: YES!!

  • Medicine, Dentistry, Veterinary Science.
    The closing date for applications to these courses is 15 October preceding the year of entry
  • Art & Design courses. There are two routes for applications to courses in Art & Design. Please contact MIM Study Abroad for further information.

Q. How many universities can I apply to?

A: Generally you are allowed up to five choices on your UCAS form, but you can apply to as many universities you like through MIM.

Q. Will MIM Study Abroad help me if I need assistance when completing the UCAS Apply?

A: Absolutely! We will be happy to discuss your application with you and guide you through it. We will also be able to provide feedback on your personal statement.

Q. Is there a fee for applying through UCAS?

A: Yes, please check for details.



Postgraduate Studies

Postgraduate applications can be made directly to each university via MIM Study Abroad. Most universities accept on-line applications and your MIM Study Abroad consultant will be able to provide guidance with this. You can also submit your supporting documents through MIM Study Abroad to be forwarded to the universities, if the need arises - please indicate MIM Study Abroad as your representative in Bangladesh, in your on-line application.

There is no limit to the number of applications you are allowed to make, if you can find suitable courses.

However it is common practice to submit 3 to 5 applications, having identified the most suitable universities/courses.

Application Dates

There are usually no ‘closing dates’ or deadlines for applications to a postgraduate course of study although several universities do suggest April or May in the year of entry as the latest dates.

Popular courses may become ‘full up’ quite early in the year.

The earlier you apply the better your chances of being considered by the university of your choice.

Application Procedures

Once you have completed your application, you need to enclose the following documents with each application form:

  • Certified copies of all diploma and degree certificates and transcripts.
  • Financial guarantee or sponsorship letter (if available)
  • Letters from 2 suitable referees, each on original letterhead
  • Proof of English Language proficiency
  • Biodata page of passport
  • Other documents like CV, personal statement, etc

On-Line Applications

Many university web sites now have a facility to make on-line applications.

If you decide to make an on-line application:

  • Keep a copy of your application form or reference number
  • Remember that an on-line application, must be followed up with your supporting documents, as listed above
  • In your on-line application, please indicate MIM Study Abroad as your representative in Bangladesh
  • Your MIM Study Abroad consultant will be able to guide you through the process and may also be able to make an on-line application, on your behalf

The university will not make a decision until these supporting documents are received.

You can send your supporting documents to MIM Study Abroad, to be forwarded to the university.